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The Curators Project

Shopdeca invites curators from all professions to exclusively pick out their favourite products. 
We also take the chance to snoop around their daily lives and find out more about their personalities!

kanekin living loving the curators project eatandtreats the curators project
Kanekin Team (www.kanekin.co)

Living Loving (Nike & Miranti)
Author of Living Loving (www.livingloving.net)

Hans Danial Subianto
Author of http://eatandtreats.blogspot.com

ayla dimitri diana rikasari
Benny Lim
Photographer & Entrepreneur (www.bennylim.com)

Ayla Dimitri
Fashion Enthusiast (Instagram)

Diana Rikasari
Blogger at Diana Rikasari.blogspot.com

clara devi Stitches and Maps cindy karmoko
Clara Devi
Author of www.lucedale.co

Stitches and Maps (Yun & Shairah)
Author of Stitchesandmaps.com

Cindy Karmoko
Blogger at www.Cindykarmoko.com

Rosalinda Tjioe
Rosalinda Tjioe
Blogger at rosalindatjioe.blogspot.co.id

Pamela Wirjadinata
Blogger at pamelawirjadinata.com